What To Expect During Weight Loss Treatment

Nutrition & Health Center is here for you when you need support for weight loss. Our providers are dedicated to helping you achieve health and wellness, wherever you are starting your weight loss journey from. Read about weight loss treatment in Elizabeth, NJ, and contact us today to start treatment.

What Is Weight Loss Treatment?

Weight loss treatment provides support for patients struggling with excess weight. Nutritional guidance from our provider will be the basis of your weight loss treatment in Elizabeth, NJ. There are many types of diets and they all promise weight loss, but individualized attention from our provider and a customized treatment plan will help you change the way you eat for sustainable weight loss.

When you meet with a nutritionist, share your health history and family history. Discuss any conditions you have and medications you take that could affect your weight or weight loss. Be honest with your provider about your normal eating habits. Knowing where you are starting from will only help determine the best diet for meeting your goals and fitting into your lifestyle.

What Can I Expect?

Weight loss treatment in Elizabeth, NJ, is based on changing your diet. There are also weight loss medications available that help curb your appetite or make you feel full for longer. These can assist in meeting your goals, but our focus will be on learning new habits that you can maintain to improve your health and quality of life.

Losing weight is a process that takes time, even with medical support. You will no doubt go through ups and downs, but regular appointments with your doctors will hold you accountable and track your progress. Relearning food choices, portion size, and eating habits is a challenge, but we are here to support and empower you to make the change.

Significant changes in weight can affect your hormones, and this is part of what makes weight loss an emotional process.

Start Losing Weight

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