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5 Myths About Weight Loss

5 Myths About Weight Loss

Losing weight is a vanity for some but a crucial step for others. While being overweight by a few pounds is no cause for concern, losing weight could be a lifeline if you’re living with obesity. It’s important to understand that obesity isn’t just the outcome of a lifestyle - both genetic and environmental factors affect how your body metabolizes food and responds to exercise. 

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and get in better shape, look no further than our team of compassionate professionals at Nutrition & Health Center in Elizabeth, New Jersey. A weight-loss journey is very personal, and making sure that you have the resources to improve your health is the cornerstone of our medical weight loss assistance programs. 

Why would I need medical weight loss? 

Medical weight loss is an umbrella term for a weight loss program customized to your body’s unique needs. While pop culture weight loss products might present a good option for you, it’s very common for the weight to come back or for the product not to deliver the suggested results. 

Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach, medical weight loss programs at Nutrition & Health Center start with a consultation. They include testing to understand how your body processes nutrients and what your body is missing that it needs. With a full profile of how your body works, we create a plan that fits your needs and puts you on a realistic path to reach your goals. 

What are some weight loss myths?

An estimated one-third of the US adult population, around 70 million people, is overweight or obese, with middle-aged adults being the group that’s most likely to be obese. There are a number of widely-circulated myths and plenty of misinformation about weight loss, but some of the best-known myths are debunked below.

Losing weight is a straight-forward process

Anyone who’s successfully lost a large amount of weight will tell you that a weight loss journey isn’t a linear process — you may take some time to lose your first few pounds. It’s likely you’ll gain a few pounds while you’re changing your diet and getting more active. If you have a menstrual cycle, this can temporarily affect your weight. 

Being overweight is a choice

People who are carrying extra weight may be carrying extra weight for many reasons. Poor diet and lack of exercise are often cited as the primary reasons anyone gains weight, but this isn’t the entire truth. Mental health issues like depression might cause someone to lose or gain weight rapidly. It is well-understood that people whose parents are overweight are also likely to be overweight. 

Metabolic conditions like diabetes can make weight loss difficult, and the older you are, the more difficult it can be to lose weight. This is yet another reason that choosing medical weight loss, which offers solutions under the guidance of a nutritional professional, is so beneficial for those looking to be healthier.

Carbs are the enemy of weight loss

This is not entirely true — while refined carbohydrates in white bread and sweet pastries certainly contain many unhealthy carbs, whole wheat bread, oats, and grains rarely have negative effects on the body. Whole, single-source carbs are nutritionally dense and fill you up with fiber, essential to your overall health.

Supplements are good, snacks are bad 

Even while trying to lose weight, it’s essential to eat when you’re hungry. Healthy snacking on legumes, nuts, fruits, and vegetables is okay for your diet, and can be essential to preventing overindulgence. Likewise, weight loss supplements can be hit-or-miss and very tricky. There are some that clearly work for some people, but they cannot ‘cure’ you of being overweight and are rarely able to contribute to fat loss or weight loss. 

Choosing artificial sweeteners over regular sugar is better for you

There is some debate here, but there is not enough evidence to support that choosing sugar substitutes over sugar is healthy. Though artificial sweeteners cut calories, this isn’t the only way to have a sweet treat, and we can guide you to sweet and satisfying recipes that skip the bad stuff. 

I’m ready to make a change! 

Losing weight is much more difficult if you’re not ready to make some changes in your daily life. Even through a medical weight loss program, you’ll need to be ready to do your part, but the difference is that you’re not alone. Call us today at 848-546-0363, or book an appointment with us online.

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